Different types of Framing Nailers in the market

A framing nailer, which also goes by the name framing or nail gun is a home building tool. It is used to drive nails into a framing assembly more efficiently than with the use of a hammer.

Framing nailers are useful for large projects such as fencing, building decks, framing, sub-flooring, and plaster projects to avoid cracking the plaster through hammering.

It will save you lots of time and sore muscles. They are most suitable for fast high-powered projects. There are two different types of framing nailers in the market today.

Pneumatic framing nailer


The pneumatic framing nailer is the more popular of the two types of framing nailers. They are easy to operate, cheaper, lighter, and you can change the power given out by the air compressor by checking the Pounds Per Square Inch and picking the measure of energy you need to drive nails in the material you are working with.

Pneumatic nail guns can be used for daily tasks. Its hammering force is derived from compressed air which is generated by an air compressor which is powered by gas.

The air compressor comprises of one or more than one piston cylinder. These piston cylinders draw air from the atmosphere during the upstroke and then push it out to the gun during the down stroke.

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The upstroke and downstroke generate a constant supply of air which fills the air reservoir of the gun through a hose. When you pull the trigger, the compressed air causes the piston and the blade to move downward, which forces the nail out. Pneumatic framing nailers can drive the thickest nails through a hard material.

Cordless framing nailer

A cordless framing nailer differs from a pneumatic nail gun in that it comes with a disposable air canister fitting inside the gun and a battery that is rechargeable for use in powering the piston.

The canister drives a specified number of nails then it is disposed of and replaced with a new one. It is heavier and costlier than the pneumatic framing nailer but some people prefer it as it requires minimal upkeep.

Different types of Framing Nailers in the market

It is best for occasional home projects such as decking, and also for working in tight spaces that are unreachable by use of an air hose. In this case, a fuel-powered cordless nailer is suitable.

There are two styles of framing nailers one may use. These depend majorly on the number of nails you will need when carrying out your nailing project. They include:

Stick-style framing nailer

These are the popular types of nail guns. Unlike coil nailers that use the same style of nails, these require you to adjust the angle and collation style of the nails so that they fit the tool you will be using. Stick-style framing nailers have two magazines which is long enough to accommodate nails from 25 -40 each. They are best used when fewer nails are needed.

Coil-style framing nailer

These have an adjustable canister and use around magazine which can accommodate a coil of 200 framing nails or 300 in case of sheathing nails angled at 15 degrees. The nails are strung together by two thin wires which are welded to the nail shanks.

They can fire a lot of nails but are too bulky especially when carrying out overhead work. They are also costly. As is evident, they can accommodate more nails and are therefore suitable when you will be working longer and needed to avoid reloading the machine with nails every now and then.

The pneumatic nailer and the cordless framing nailer can perform just about the same framing tasks.

The pneumatic nailer, however, has major flaws such as the need to have a separately compressed air canister that must have the capacity to ensure it feeds the framing nailer with sufficient air.  The cost of replacing canisters in a cordless framing nailer is one of its cons.

It is also much more costly than a pneumatic nail gun. According to the region you are from and the acceptable building codes, the nails you will use and consequently the framing nailer will differ.

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