Top Four Amazing Sites To Visit On Vacation In Australia


Australia is the second largest country in the universe. Among the top tourist attraction country with many tourist destination sites.

Ranging from its best cities like Melbourne and Queensland,to the world biggest beaches where one can take a walk of life on the shores.

The following is a list of four best or top amazing tourist attractions or destinations that are amazing for both locals and international tourists.


Wolgan Valley

Wolgan valley is in specific location among some most stunning scenery like the blue mountains,resort and spa.

The resort being the most luxurious Australia with wildlife and conservation.The resort covers small percent on the 4000 acres of land.

This provide it with a great view and plenty space for tourist and guest for enjoying the natural landscape surroundings the resort.

Jenolan Caves

These are Australia most amazing caves which won the award. It has about eleven spectacular caves with ;awe-inspiring formation and underground rivers.

Jenolan is the world oldest systems of caves site. Having to explore the caves one enjoys many scenery and even live underground music.

Above the caves is amazing bush that one can explore. There is also a restaurant in Chisholm one of the cave in Jenolan which won the award. The restaurant features international cuisine.


Great Ocean Road

The Ocean road which is usually located in Victoria city and is among the world most fascinating drives one can take while in Australia.

It have a length 00 242 Kilometers which is about 150 miles, the drive usually takes about one day this is as result of the road being narrow, it is a one way drive with the place being so windy.

As one drives through to enjoy the scenic views of the ocean from the car.With its cool climate as a result of the surrounding rain forest,i makes one to enjoy the atmosphere,the cool breeze.

On its sideways are many beaches where one can rest or stop to have a swim before embarking with the drive.

With hike sites which makes it great and even more amazing to drive and get to enjoy yourself all along and take some photographs of the wonderful nature.


Fraser Island

Found in Queensland city near the Hervey bay and it is among the world’s amazing and of course among the largest island.the island got many beaches where one can enjoy swimming on the shores.

The obvious way and also the most popular easy way to have your feet there is by hiring someone to act as a tour guide who have with them a car. four-wheel drive car which will be able to get you there so as you have view the place at the comfort of your car.

With its fresh water lakes located in the island, the great rain forests having the rare unique,amazing flora and fauna only found in the island.

Scuba diving and the Dingo which makes the place a site for tourist in Australia  The island is thus a great attraction paradise to tourist and locals.


In conclusion, Australia has many sites and destinations for tourist and locals who take their time in visiting the country .

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