Six Spectacular Attraction Sites Found In Australia That Will Captivate A Tourist

Six Spectacular Attraction Sites Found In Australia

Tourism Australia! Do you want exciting treks to the Cape York and the rainforests? Do you want some relaxing moments at the beach?

Do you want to explore its urban cities? Or do you prefer safaris along the gigantic sand islands? If you do then Australia is the place to he There are different tourist attractions for each traveller.

Deciding on the best tourist spot to visit can be very difficult considering the many tourist places, below are six top places that will leave you craving for more of this spectacular country.

The Great Barrier Reef

This is one of the popular spots in tourism Australia; it’s located at Queensland and is home to a breed of rare fauna and flora.

It’s endowed with very many islands but Whitsunday islands are regarded as the best; tourists use the boat to move around.

Diving is another sport that you can enjoy especially during the month of April to May because the water is clear making diving cooler.

Sydney Opera House

If you mention Sydney city attraction sites then the Opera house has to come up. It was designed by a Danish architect named Jon Utzon, who gave it a fascinating look that has made it the creation’s greatest architectural representations.

It’s surrounded by water at three fronts. Visitors can view the backstage and the front of the house, it’s argued that it’s more beautiful when viewed at a distance.

Fraser Island

This is the biggest sand island in the world. The easiest way to get to the island is by use of four wheel drive vehicles which the traveller hires.

It’s well-known for a number of sites such as local water lakes, rainforests which is home to rare plants and animals, beautiful beaches and scuba diving


Great Ocean Road

The road is 243km along the south east coast; it has a wonderful view of cliffs and the ocean, driving through the rain forests is breathtaking.

On the way you can stop and explore the different beaches or if you love adventure you can hike. Otway national park also is a must visit.


Kakadu National Park

This world heritage site is the largest national park in Australia and the second largest in the world. It consists of rivers, waterfalls, wetlands, and the mangrove swamps. The monsoon rainforests is found also in the ecosystem.

You can view different species of birds at Kakadu national park and if you are lucky you may see salt water crocodiles. The ecosystem is full of varied wildlife that will make you love tourism Australia more.

Uluru /Ayers Rock

It’s located in the northern territory, neighboring the city of Alice Springs. This is largest rock monolith in the world and it’s located at the middle of the Uluru national park.

The red monolith is incredible when seen at sunrise and sunset; it changes to an array of different colors and forms.

At the park you can also find the Kata Tjuta, they are red dome-shaped rocks which also changes like the Uluru.


To enjoy these enormous rocks you can join a tour with the Aboriginal guides who can take you around to the best view points.In conclusion, there are many attraction places in Australia but, the above sites are top rated.

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