Oral hygiene is an essential part of any daily routine, but Davidson dentist states that, “More often than not people rarely realize that there is an issue with their oral care until they start suffering.”

Maintaining good dental hygiene will not only prevent common conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease, but also aid in the prevention of more serious ailments such as oral cancer.

It doesn’t require a huge effort to help maintain dental care and below are a few tips from the dental practice Davidson Dental in Saskatchewan, that will help promote long term oral health.

Keeping Your Mouth Clean as Much as is Practical

Brushing your teeth twice a day should be a bare minimum combined with regular flossing. If possible you should brush after every meal time; this especially becomes more important if eating high sugar content foods such as pastries or confectionery.

Using a soft bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, brush all areas of the teeth with a small amount of pressure to remove plaque build-up and bacteria.

When available combine with flossing to remove bacteria and plaque from any hard to get areas such as in between teeth.

Dental expert Davidson says that “It has been shown in studies that regular use of floss during your daily oral hygiene routine has been proven to help reduce kidney disease, heart attacks and even strokes.

Finally, rinse your mouth with a good quality mouth wash to remove and kill 99% of all bacteria left after brushing and flossing.

This will help with fresh breath and the prevention of gum disease. Dental care is very easy to do at home, take advantage of it!

Choosing to Eat the Right Foods to Help Improve Oral Health

Choosing a healthy and balanced diet not only helps your overall health and wellbeing, it also improves oral health.

Sugars and other acidic food types are one of the major causes of tooth decay and gum disease.
Try to limit the amount of these types of foods that you eat.

Over indulging in high concentrations of sugary foods prevents our natural defenses (saliva) from having enough time to work and act as a neutralizer.

If you do eat sugary or acidic foods and don’t have the facilities to brush try chewing sugar free gum. This will help to produce more saliva and counteract the effects of acids.

Finally, Taking Regular Visits to your Davidson Dentistry and Surgery

Making regular appointments with your dental surgery will ensure that any problem areas are identified quickly, a course of treatment can then be arranged to ensure your oral health is maintained.

Keeping your teeth in good condition not only benefits your health but also gives you confidence, after all nobody wants to smile with teeth that are missing or decayed do they.

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