About Me

about-largeHello Reader!

My name is Chamz and I am the nomad behind this blog.

I am an avid traveler that has made all the mistakes in the book, so you don’t have too! Here, is my guide to all the best lifestyle tips that will improve every aspect of your life from happiness to teeth.

I am from Davao City and for this reason, I am a proud Dabawenyo. I’m a Registered Nurse by profession and a nomad by passion.

I love to explore anything that makes me curious. I love to learn new things.

I sometimes get lazy but that doesn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams.

– a music enthusiast, dreamer, poet, and a traveler.
– beach and nature lover
– loves to take random photos

I’m really not good in describing and defining myself. Just know me better, thereafter you judge me further. Smile! 🙂

Congratulations for taking steps towards improving your life!