What Is A Ratchet Wrench Used For

ratchet wrench

All mechanics, handymen, carpenters, construction workers, plumbers, vehicle owners and even the homeowner knows the real worth of a Ratchet Wrench. It is a must-have tool.

The tool is a kind of a spanner device within a hand tool with its metal handle attached to a unique ratcheting mechanism with a socket connection. When the apparatus is pushed or pulled in one direction, it will tighten or loosen any nut or bolt attached to it.

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A select switch can be incorporated into your ratchet head to enable the user to apply ratcheting action as necessary in any direction quickly.

How A Ratchet Wrench Works

The Ratchet wrench occupies a unique position among the other types of regular wrenches due to its ratcheting mechanism.

It can handle the work of loosening and tightening bolts and nuts in a more easily and faster away than the other types of regular wrenches.

The mechanism works like a gear system that gets hold as you swing the handle to a particular direction followed by a release action when you turn the opposite direction.

The socket attached to your tool and placed on a fastener head makes the latter rotate as you swing the handle in the same direction.

A regular wrench will work differently in that you have to remove the wrench after a full swing and place it back to the start position so that you can start another swing.

They, therefore, work differently with regular wrenches as you do not remove the wrench for the Racket wrench, but just swing back. You can get a detailed description and history of the Ratchet Wrench by visiting the link.

what is a ratchet wrench used for

Main Uses and Benefits Of Ratchet Wrench

The following is a summarized brief of the primary uses including the benefits of a ratchet wrench:

  • The tool tightens and loosens nuts and bolts more efficiently. It is an ideal tool for tight spaces due to its ratcheting mechanism making it more advantageous than conventional wrenches.


  • Sockets come in varying socket sizes to enable you to work well with fasteners of different sizes. The sockets are available in metric and standard sizes for versatility.


  • Loosen your nuts and bolts without the need of any detachments making you handle all kinds of situations.


  • Used in profoundly cold areas and in high vibration areas as they have a high-level and quality insulation.


  • Most of them feature a textured grip within their handles. You, therefore, have more control lowering breakage risks.

Types of Ratchet Wrenches

We have various kinds of ratchet wrenches as follows:

Refrigeration Ratchet Wrench-RLLR 1/4inches – 5/16inches

It is a reversible tool with a square drive ratchet; chrome plated and specially designed to be used for compressors with access valves while working hard to reach tight areas.

Uniweld 70074 Reversible-Offset Ratchet Wrench

This type got built as a double-ended reversible tool with an offset design to accommodate your knuckles clearance while working in tight workspaces.

It features a chrome plate, a heat treated alloy steel that has strong gear teeth plus a reverse mechanism that is easy to flip.

It got designed with a square opening of ¼ inches and 3/16 inches on one end, the other side being 3/8 inches and 5/16 inches. It also has a DHVA Dual-Hex Wrench Adaptor made of alloys

steel which is heat treated and plated to guard against rust. The DHVA locks into your wrench just in the middle of your adaptor to allow an in-depth fit and full engagement.

Hilmor 1839043-Off Set Service-Wrench, 1/4inches by 3/16inches Square, 3/8inches by 5/16inches Square

Hilmor is an excellent model tool type that works excellent in taking care of your knuckles and your time too. This a straight service wrench that makes your wrench size changing work quite

blissful. You will be able to have maneuverability around all cramped areas. It is a reversible wrench with square openings of 1/4 inches by 3/16 inches on one end

With the other end having 3/8 inches by 5/16 inches. The Hex Key Adaptor is also very helpful when it comes to accessing suction and liquid-based valves.

ratchet wrench set

Uniweld 70074-Reversible Offset Ratchet-Wrench

The wrench is a double ended and reversible tool with an offset design that gives your working knuckles maneuverability in tight working spaces.

It features a chrome plate, alloy steel that is heat treated and with strong gear teeth, and an easy to flip reversing mechanism. The square opening at one end is 1/4 inches by 3/16, the other end being 3/8 inches by 5/16 inches.

It got fitted with a DHVA Dual Adaptor from Uniweld that is designed with heat treated steel and is plated to guard against rust.


A Ratchet Wrench is a significant item among your most essential tools in your highly valued toolkit. Virtually everywhere around you, there will be nuts and bolts that will require urgent loosening and tightening.

While on outdoors or in your home, your car and other household items will have bolts and nuts that need your attention.

As you have seen earlier in this article, it got well proven that a ratchet wrench will work better and faster than all the other regular wrenches. You, therefore, stand to gain a lot by having one with you.

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